Organic Constipation Mild Care pack

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Triphala is an effective natural health supplement for poor bowel disorders & related problems. It is combination of herbs that work best on constipation & improving digestion system.

Benefits of Organic India, Triphala

Triphala is used for the treatment of constipation.
This herbal colon cleanser is very effective.
Triphala reduces fat deposit in the intestines & eliminates intestinal toxins & gas.
It improves digestion system, provides nutritional assimilation and helps to regulate metabolism.
Triphala is rich source of Natural Vitamin C.
This health supplement is also advised for rejuvenation, improves vision, good for people of all ages.
Organic India, Triphala best treatment for Constipation, Gas, Indigestion, Poor digestion, Low immune states, common colds, eye disorders.
Organic India, Psyllium Husk(Isabgol) is natural & an effective treatment for Constipation. It is most preferred soluble fiber supplement globally to keep blood cholesterol level under control, and to cure constipation.

Benifits of Psyllium Husk :-

A natural dietary fibre supplement
It cures constipation instantly
It promotes easy evacuation
It helps in healing peptic ulcers
It helps lower blood cholesterol / lipid level
It helps reduce blood glucose level/Good for diabetics
It helps in reducing body fat/helps reduce body weight.
It prevent Giardiasis and Amoebiasis

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