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Labrada Super Charge Pre Workout

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Brand: Labrada
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All New Xtreme 4.0 Formula
Now with BCAAs & No Artificial Colors!
Increase Energy, Strength, Muscle Volume & Endurance!
Up to 50 Workouts per Bottle in 6 Awesome Flavors!

Are you a bodybuilder or an athlete who wants to increase strength, energy, endurance, and mental focus during your training?

Then you need to check out Labrada's newest pre-workout performance enhancer, Super Charge!® Xtreme 4.0. It's the newest version of our popular Super Charge!® Xtreme, and it's packed with powerful new ingredients to take your workouts to new heights. 

Super Charge!® Xtreme 4.0  provides you with the 10 most effective performance enhancing sports supplements, in one easy-to-use, concentrated daily dose. It's the perfect all-in-one performance supplement.

Super Charge!® Xtreme 4.0 contains NO illegal steroids or prohormones and is SAFE for high school and college athletes. And, Super Charge!® 4.0 is now artificial color free. It's the perfect all-in-one performance supplement. 

Just take two scoops 30 minutes before training and get ready for the best work out of your life!  Unlike other pre-workout supplements, Super Charge!® Xtreme 4.0 delivers real world results, backed by science.
Super Charge!® Xtreme 4.0 contains CreaLean® pure creatine to increase Strength and Power, plus PepForm® branched chain amino acids and n-acetyl-l-glutamine to protect against muscle breakdown and improve post-workout recovery.

• Super Charge® Xtreme 4.0 also contains CarnoSyn® to increase muscle endurance up to 29% and Pikatropin™ to fight fatigue, so you can exercise longer.

• Super Charge!® Xtreme 4.0 contains tyrosine and caffeine to improve mental energy and focus during exercise up to 82%. 

• Super Charge!® Xtreme 4.0  increases blood flow to muscles with powerful nitric oxide boosters-- AND  fuels them with PowerCarb™, an engineered carbohydrate that sustains energy so you can work out longer.

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